Transforming the Household (A story of Husband and Wife from Mardan)

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30 January 2017 |

KP Youth Employment Program has transformed lives of students. It has succeeded in achieving its main objective: “Empowering the Youth of KP”. KP-YEP has given a new platform and source of earning to Husband and Wife of Mardan.

Sher Ali:

“KP Youth Employment Program laid the groundwork for the success of me and my wife.I participated in YEP training of Mardan Batch 3. I have earned $400 till now.
After observing the overall environment and professional behavior of the instructors, I recommended this training to my wife. My wife got four orders on Fiverr in the very next week of the training session (Mardan Batch 5). My wife holds a master’s degree in education. She is an arts lover as well. “

Mehwish Sher Ali (Wife of Sher Ali) gave review on KPYEP as follows:

“It surely is a life changer for me. Being a housewife, this program provided a great opportunity for me to earn. I can easily manage all of the things as the work space is the same; “My Home”.
No need to go outside when you can earn while sitting in your home, having a cup of coffee.
I highly recommend and encourage others especially females to attend this course and last but not least thanks to the KPYEP team for supporting us.”